Sports and exercise cardiology, sports medicine

Sports and Exercise Cardiology deals with the subject area of sports/sports medicine and cardiology and the associated, so-called "sports paradox": this term describes the tension between undisputed and multifaceted positive effects on health but also potentially damaging consequences caused by playing sports.


The health-promoting, primary and secondary preventive benefits of regular exercise are nowadays undisputed and scientifically very well proven: Not only the overall survival is prolonged, but also the quality of life of the prolonged life is quasi improved: the independence and at the same time the prevention of falls in old age are promoted, as well as many malignant tumor diseases and mental illnesses are prevented. Especially in the broad spectrum of cardiovascular diseases, the positive effects of regular exercise are impressive and manifold. In particular, the classic cardiovascular risk factors, such as overweight/increased abdominal girth, diabetes mellitus, cholesterol metabolism disorders, arterial hypertension and, of course, sedentariness per se are positively influenced.

The positive effects are offset by potentially harmful consequences of inappropriate exercise. Especially for patients with known heart disease, individual and targeted training advice and support is indispensable. But even healthy athletes can damage their cardiovascular system by exercising too intensively and in an untargeted manner. The worst consequence can even be a cardiac arrest or even cardiac death induced by sports. There are clearly defined risk factors for these events, which are rare but always catastrophic. With adequate screening and preventive measures, over 90% of these deaths can be avoided.

The Sports/Movement Cardiology and Sports Medicine is an institution officially recognized by “Swiss Olympic” and the World Football Association “FIFA” and offers all services in the field. Among them for example:

  • Individualized sports cardiology preventive and screening examinations
  • Sport and training consultations in primary prevention
  • Specific sports and training consultations in cases of known heart disease
  • Performance testing and clarification of unclear performance reduction
  • Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation
  • Sports medical clarifications

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