Support for research projects IKC

The IKC also offers its broad spectrum of spectrum of tests and expertise for the analysis of biomarkers in human and animal samples in research projects, either as a service or as a collaboration.

Where possible, we also develop and perform services beyond the regular diagnostic test portfolio; e.g. the preparation and storage of samples for biobanks or the measurement of laboratory parameters not found in the test catalog of the IKC.

The IKC provides the necessary documents for many clinical studies: copies of accreditation certificates, reference ranges, resumés of the laboratory directors.

It is important to involve the IKC in the planning of biomarker studies at an early stage in order to optimize the selection of laboratory parameters, determine feasibility in preliminary tests (e.g. for animal samples) and prevent errors in the preanalytical phase (e.g. in respect to the selection and quantity of the proper specimen, storage and transport).


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