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CCCZ membership

CCCZ members have to meet the following requirements:

  • are professors of the UZH or ETH OR have the right to confer doctorates at the UZH or ETH, AND
  • are affiliated with a UZH institute, an ETH department or a department of a Zurich university hospital with a strong focus on cancer research or cancer medicine, AND
  • fulfill criteria of scientific excellence and independence (own competitively granted, peer-reviewed third-party funds, first or last author publications in internationally recognized journals AND supervision of MSc and doctoral students)

The heads and coordinators of the CCCZ Organ Centers are ex officio members of the CCCZ. Membership is limited to four years and can be renewed upon written request. The CCCZ Executive Committee decides on the admission of members.


Membership must be requested in writing: Please forward the application via E-mail.