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Treatment of vascular graft infections

​We care for patients with prosthetic vascular graft infections together with our collegues from cardiovascular surgery and radiology.

Antimicrobial therapy

We treat patients with vascular graft infections with a long-term antibiotic therapy. The type of antibiotic therapy depends on the microbiological diagnostics. In general, patients receive six weeks iv antibiotic therapy followed by a connection oral therapy. The duration of antibiotic therapy is determined by PET / CT.

Operation technique

Usually patients are operated in a graft preserving manner together with a surgical debridement and topical negative pressure (negative pressure wound therapy; NPWT). In exceptional cases, the vascular prosthesis has to be removed.


There is a close cooperation with our colleagues of Cardiovascular Surgery, with the Microbiology and with the Radiologists.


We do research in the field of vascular prostheses infection and our research is supported by the Swiss National Science FoundationPatients with vascular prosthesis infections are included in VASGRA.

For patients

As a patient, you cannot register for a consultation directly. Please ask your family doctor, your specialist to refer you.

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