Newborn Research Zurich (NRZ)

Description of the Newborn Research Zurich (NRZ)

Research findings in adult medicine cannot be directly translated to children because a child’s growth and maturation obviously differs from an adult’s. The same principle applies to an even larger degree to newborns at the transition from the maternal womb to independent life. The care for newborns is highly specialized and recruiting patients for research is made difficult because of small sample sizes, e.g. for very preterm born children. This and the classical focus on adult medicine are the main reasons why neonatology as a whole is of small commercial interest. Much of our medical care for newborns therefore relies on empirical observations with non-licensed drugs rather than thoroughly researched evidence-based findings. 30+ physicians and scientists of our clinic have therefore made it their mission to provide sound evidence-based solutions to the myriad of severe clinical issues that newborns encounter at the start of life in order to support them for the rest of their lives. We perform investigator-initiated research in 3 teams:

  • Experimental studies (RCTs) and systematic reviews
  • Observational studies and translational research
  • SwissNeoNet research, quality control and qualitative research

Our research aims to be of high quality, internationally competitive, focusing on relevant evidence gaps, transparent, and open to all willing to show initiative. Our research management is lean, transparent, well-documented, quality-controlled and exploits synergies.