Lymphatic surgery

The primary therapy for the congestion of lymphatic fluid in the tissues is always complex decongestive therapy by means of lymphatic drainage, compressive wrapping and compression stockings. If this does not result in any improvement, surgical therapy can help under certain conditions.


Available options include the creation of microsurgical connections between the severed lymphatic vessels and small lymphatic vessels or veins (lympholymphatic or lymphovenous anastomoses). Alternatively, there is the possibility of transplantation of lymph nodes including their vessels (microvascular lymph node transfer).

Furthermore, lymphatic vessel surgery is used to remove chronic fluid accumulation in wound areas (seroma, lymphocele). Here, the fine severed lymphatic vessels are located under the microscope after being marked with a dye and selectively interrupted. Alternatively, they can be reconnected or connected to small veins.

Together with the Clinic for Angiology and Physiotherapy, patients with lymphedema or lymphedema-associated problems that are difficult to treat are discussed in the interdisciplinary lymphedema consultation.

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