Treatment of Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction

Prior to treatment, risk factors that may trigger erectile dysfunction should be identified so that these factors can be minimized (e.g., glycemic control, hypertension treatment).

Diagnostics include a detailed interview followed by a thorough physical examination and the determination of metabolic and hormonal blood values.

Nowadays, invasive diagnostics are more and more fading into the background. Basically the aim is to minimize risk factors that can be influenced. The focus is on a symptom-oriented therapy according to a graduated scheme. Depending on the cause, however, there are various therapeutic approaches:

  • Medication: For oral application (not possible for certain heart conditions) or for self-injection into the corpus cavernosum.
  • Vascular surgery to improve blood flow. Only in younger men and when there is no general vascular disease.
  • Implantation of erectile tissue prostheses (expensive, not covered by health insurance).
  • Psychotherapy for psychological causes

Special consultation-hour

In the impotence consultation hour of the urology department, those affected can receive advice and examination from experienced specialists.

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