Open and endovascular shunt placement and shunt revision for renal replacement therapy

Permanent venous access for dialysis is the “lifeline” for patients with terminal kidney failure on which his or her future depends, and enables reliable, long-term renal replacement therapy.


We aim to create and maintain this «lifeline» for our jointly-treated patients. We offer all necessary one-stop diagnostic and surgical measures for evaluation of dialysis access, placement, service and revision as well as shunt evaluation and investigation of dysfunction by ultrasound and angiography. Indications for placement of temporary as well as permanent dialysis access catheters as well as dialysis fistulae for hemo- and peritoneal dialysis are decided upon and procedures undertaken by an acknowledged team of specialists with several years of experience in interdisciplinary work in a “vascular access team”. Special emphasis is placed on evaluation for shunt placement as autologous AV fistulae, graft or tunneled atrial catheter. Ultrasound examination is central to preoperative evaluation as well as in the management of shunt dysfunction.

Our overriding aim is to be “the” competent contact for the “lifeline” of our jointly-treated patients.

We  therefore offer complete, one-stop “dialysis access management” including evaluation, the intervention itself as well as access-preserving service.


  • Preparation: Patients may present to our elective outpatient clinic for preemptive evaluation. “Emergency” evaluation may be undertaken 24h/365d by the medical team or the doctor on duty.
  • Intervention: The procedure for creating vascular access for dialysis may be undertaken either as an outpatient or during a short period of hospitalization.
  • Aftercare: Patients with shunt dysfunction may present  to our outpatient clinic and are assured prompt and individualized evaluation.  The timing of dialysis may be taken into account in particular. “Emergency” evaluation may be undertaken 24h/365d by the medical team on duty.

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