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Treatment of Stanford Type A aortic dissection

The preferred therapy for acute type A aortic dissection is immediate surgical replacement of the aorta at the site of dissection. The involved segment of the aorta (ascending aorta/aortic arch) is usually replaced with a Dacron prosthesis.

Operative intervention of the aortic valve is occasionally necessary during emergency surgery.    This is usually combined with replacement of the aortic root and re implantation  of the coronary arteries.

A valve-bearing conduit/composite graft (dacron prosthesis with integrated valve prosthesis) is frequently used or a valve-preserving aortic root replacement  surgery (David or Yacoub procedure) is performed. Nowadays, the aortic arch is also replaced along with the ascending aorta. Depending on the extent of the dissection, this is performed either as a hemiarch (partial replacement of the arch) or as full arch replacement, always in so-called circulatory arrest with antegrade cerebral perfusion (selective perfusion of the brain).

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