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Experimental Research of the Department of Vascular Surgery

Experimental research of the Department of Vascular Surgery (Experimental Vascular Surgery) is located at the Campus Schlieren of the USZ/UZH. Even if our scientific work is devoted the basic research, it is still clinically oriented, with the aim of translational research endeavouring to implement the achieved results into the clinical everyday life.

The main research areas are the exploration of molecular-biological processes leading to substantial changes in atherosclerotic lesions of the vessel wall of peripheral arteries and aortic aneurysm, affected in particular by age. The aim is to create a profound basis to improve existing diagnostic and therapeutic measures for personalised medicine. In order to engage in profound translational research, human vascular tissue samples from patients with cardiovascular diseases are necessary. Hence, the particular focus of our research is the establishment and expansion of our SWISS VASCULAR BIOBANK (SVB), collecting tissue samples from patients suffering from high-grade carotid stenosis (CAS), aortic aneurysm (AA) and peripheral artery disease (PAD), who underwent surgical intervention in our department.

In spite of intensive research, the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms leading to formation and progression of atherosclerosis, in particular biological processes and factors causing vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques, and in case of CAS frequently ischemic stroke, are still unsolved. The same applies also to aortic aneurysm, in particular AAA, which proceeds mainly asymptomatic and in case of rupture results frequently in death of the affected person.

Therefore, personalise and reliable prognosis of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques or rupture-prone aneurysms is of outstanding importance and the aim of our ongoing research.

Regarding methodology, our research group is employing the state-of-the-art techniques such as proteome and transcriptome analyses, RNA and single-cell sequencing, exploration of epigenetic changes such as DNA methylation, histone methylation and acetylation, expression of non-coding RNAs. Moreover, the standard molecular-biological methods such as immunohistochemistry, qRT-PCR, western blotting and ELISA assays are applied as well.

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Jaroslav Pelisek, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.
Head Experimental Vascular Surgery
University Hospital Zurich, USZ
Department of Vascular Surgery
Wagistrasse 2
8952 Schlieren

Tel. +41 43 253 13 20

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