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The healthy aging check-up

Our Healthy and Active Aging check-up aims to maintain your health and quality of life for the future. You will receive an evidence-based individualized health regimen for Healthy and Active Aging – without any great effort on your part. In addition, you will benefit from being close to science with early access to new knowledge on prevention and delayed aging.

As part of the Healthy and Active Aging check-up, you will receive a comprehensive examination of your overall health including key life-style factors. As a result, you will receive a personal healthy aging regimen tailored to your individual needs with valuable concepts for everyday life, and with the goal to slow the aging process and maintain or improve your health.

The Healthy and Active Aging check-up is aimed at people who want to determine their state of health and to use preventive measures to improve their health and quality of life in the long term.

My Healthy and Active Aging – your personal companion in your day-to-day life

  • Small efforts in everyday life – big impacts on your quality of life
  • Prevention tailored to your personal needs with a periodic review
  • From medical doctors at the forefront of preventive medicine and aging research

The check-up process

Short, simple and effective – your Healthy and Active Aging activities fit into your everyday life without any great effort.

What does the checkup cost?

We have put together three service packages for you. Here you can find out the details.

Any further questions?

Do you have any questions about the Healthy and Active Aging check-up? We have already answered the most important ones for you.