Information about the coronavirus

The University Hospital Zurich remains open and is as safe and secure as ever through these challenging times.

Important notice

To keep you and our employees safe, we strictly adhere to all protective and hygiene measures at the University Hospital Zurich. We continuously monitor the situation and adapt measures. Covid patients are treated separately from noncovid patients. Their paths do not cross in the hospital. This means that there is no risk of infection for you.

Corona test

The USZ does not carry out screenings for persons without symptoms. If you don’t have any symptoms, please contact the public hotlines for further information.

More about Corona testing at USZ you find on our German page.

Covid-19 vaccination

No COVID-19 vaccinations are offered to the general population at the USZ. More information about how and when you can get vaccinated you find on the website of the Canton of Zurich.

Suspected infection

If you suspect that you may be infected with coronavirus, please do not come directly to the USZ emergency department. If you feel sick, have a fever or other flu-like symptoms, stay at home. If your symptoms deteriorate, call the medical hotline (Ärztefon) on 0800 33 66 55 or your general practitioner. Do not go to the doctor’s office or to the hospital unless you are asked to do so.

Further resources

Further information can be found on the German version of our website or the official website of the FOPH: