Registration & admission

To ensure that registration and admission to the hospital are easy and hassle-free: all information about your stay at the USZ can be found here.

Outpatient appointments

Your GP will book an appointment for your outpatient examination or treatment at the University Hospital Zurich.


The department responsible for your examination or treatment will send you an appointment invitation by mail and inform you of the exact location.

You will need the following documents at the time of admission (outpatient & inpatient)

  • Personal ID (identity card, passport or residence permit)
  • Completed and signed admission form if you haven’t already sent it to us
  • Insurance card (health insurance, accident certificate or IV disability insurance ruling)
  • Appointment invitation from the hospital or doctor’s referral papers
  • Documents from prior examinations (x-rays, medical reports, etc.)
  • Blood group and vaccination card, allergy ID, diabetes monitoring booklet or other medical ID cards


For an inpatient stay, please also bring the following with you