Kidney stone treatment

Parallel to urological treatment, which is usually necessary in acute cases, careful clarification of the cause and targeted follow-up treatment are very important to prevent the formation of further kidney stones and thus protect the kidneys from permanent and irreversible damage.

Kidney stones are also a research focus of our clinic, which offers patients the additional opportunity to benefit from the latest knowledge and treatment options in this field.

Our clarification and treatment options

The Department of Nephrology offers a specialty consultation for kidney stones, which specializes in both common and very rare causes of kidney stone disease. Special examinations are performed to determine the cause of kidney stones, which are then discussed in detail with the patient. A risk profile is created for each patient, which, among other things, forms the basis for the therapy recommendation.

Ultrasound image of kidney stones

More information

The Clinic of Nephrology is also a member of the Switzerland-wide Kidney Stone Cohort, a multicenter project supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation within an NCCR (National Centers for Competencein Research) project headquartered at the University of Zurich (Institute of Physiology).

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