Cutting-edge medicine based on excellent management structures. The Hospital Advisory Board (the chief management body), Hospital Executive Board (operative decision-making body) and eight departmental and trans-sectoral directorates are jointly responsible for the University Hospital Zurich.

The USZ is organized as an “institution under cantonal public law” with its own legal personality and headquarters in Zurich. It fulfills the medical care mandate as set out in the Zurich University Hospital Act of September 19, 2005.

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Who owns the USZ?

The USZ is owned by the Canton of Zurich. The Health Directorate is upstream of the Hospital Board and is responsible for supervision, while the Cantonal Council is responsible for overall supervision. The Directorate of Health proposes new members for the Hospital Board to the full Government Council for election. On the part of the cantonal parliament, the Parliamentary Supervisory Commission for Education and Health (ABG) is responsible for overall supervision and the Commission for Social Security and Health (KSSG) is responsible for health policy issues relating to the USZ and acts as a preliminary advisory committee for the cantonal parliament, as was recently the case with the revision of the USZ Act.