How the USZ is committed to greater sustainability

The USZ attaches great importance to the sustainable development of the hospital. Find out what we mean by this and the areas in which we are active in order to promote it.

Commitment to health

We are not only committed to the health of our patients, but also to the health of our planet. As a hospital, this makes double sense, as we all benefit from a healthy environment.

In the service of the common good

As a locally based healthcare provider, we are active in the service of the common good – not least by promoting medical innovation through our research and making a significant contribution to education and training in the healthcare sector.

Ecological, social and economic

For us, sustainability is a principle of action according to which we give equal consideration to natural resources (ecology), the people living today and in the future (social issues) and long-term competitiveness (economy) in our decisions.

Graphic Corporate Responsibility Graphic at USZ

The USZ is active in these areas, among others, in order to promote the sustainable development of the hospital and society as a whole.

Contact Corporate Responsibility Office

The “Corporate Responsibility” department promotes and coordinates the sustainable development of the USZ. If you have any questions, concerns or input, we look forward to hearing from you!

Stephan Seiler

Head Corporate Responsibility

Tel. +41 43 253 07 96