Equal opportunities and mobility

Sustainability also means that we are committed to an inclusive corporate culture with equal opportunities for all. We also promote ecological mobility options.

Equal opportunities for our employees

Equal opportunities are fundamental to a sustainable society because they enable everyone to achieve their full potential. The USZ promotes equal opportunities for its employees, social, cultural and ethnic diversity and an inclusive corporate culture.

With a dedicated position for “Diversity & Inclusion”, we ensure that equal opportunities do not just exist on paper.

Equal opportunities in medical care too

A person’s biological and sociocultural gender has an impact on the diagnosis, treatment and course of diseases. However, gender-specific differences are still often neglected in medicine today. That is why we are committed to implementing gender-specific therapies across the board. We work closely with the Gender Medicine department at UZH.

To simplify communication with non-German-speaking patients, our employees have access to a translation app and we offer an interpreting service wherever necessary.

Contact on the subject of equal opportunities

Kristin Hermes von Lüdinghausen

Projektleiterin D&I Management

Tel. +41 43 253 43 37

Ecological mobility offers

We want to enable our employees to make their commute to work as pleasant and environmentally friendly as possible. To this end, the USZ provides financial support for ecological mobility options, for example by reimbursing employees for a contribution to public transportation or by offering discounted bike and e-bike rental through PubliBike in the summer. The USZ is also constantly expanding its bicycle parking spaces and e-charging stations.

Contact on the subject of ecological mobility offers