Translational cancer research programs

Interdisciplinary research teams aim to make breakthrough discoveries in basic, translational and clinical cancer research to develop novel anti-cancer treatments.

CCCZ Lighthouse Project

IMMUNO-CAR ZURICH (ZURICAR) – Precision Immune-Oncology by Engineering Immune Cells to Treat Cancer

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell immunotherapy is a powerful therapeutic strategy that relies on genetic engineering to unleash T-cell anti-tumor activity. The central aim of this project is to establish innovative platforms for the production of potent, safe, and cost-effective CAR immune cells that will subsequently be translated in patients with unmet medical needs and evaluated through precision medicine and single-cell monitoring approaches. Learn more

CCCZ Lighthouse Project

OMDZH – The CCCZ oligometastatic disease program

It is the aim of the OMDZH research project to advance the rapidly evolving field of oligometastatic cancer by a deeper clinical and especially biological disease characterization and thereby improve patient selection and the design of personalized treatment strategies. Specifically, we aim to improve the precision of oligometastatic patient selection for a combined modality treatment strategy with curative intent and to personalize maintenance systemic therapy by early molecular response assessment and quality-of-life centric patient decision support systems. Learn more

CCCZ Lighthouse Project

CANCER-Microbiome – Unravel the power of the microbiome as a novel precision oncology approach

The microbiome has the potential to revolutionize cancer care by providing treatment alternatives for patients who do previously not respond to cancer (immuno-)therapy. In our project, a prospective interventional fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) trial and extensive downstream molecular sample analysis will contribute to the understanding of the microbiome-host interactions and enable the identifcation of new targets to be validated and translated into a further refined interventional precision oncology FMT trial.

CCCZ Lighthouse Project

PROMIS –  Precision oncology to improve survival in patients with CNS metastasis

Metastases of the central nervous system (CNS) are an increasing challenge in oncology because of their increasing prevalence and negative impact on quality of life and survival. The present research network seeks to improve the survival of patients with CNS metastasis by novel profiling approaches of the CNS metastatic tissues and associated host responses and by developing dedicated innovative clinical trials for well-defined subgroups of patients with CNS metastasis.

Interdisciplinary cancer research programs