Vasectomy / Ligation

A vasectomy is an irreversible method of male contraception. Before a vasectomy is performed, there is a consultation with the urologist, who will provide detailed information about the consequences of the procedure.

General / family planning

The ligation is actually an irreversible intervention. It is possible to reunite the severed stumps by means of a complex microsurgical operation, however, it does not restore fertility in all cases. Therefore, one should be aware in advance that it is highly probable that one will no longer be able to father one’s own children after a ligation.

The costs of the vasectomy are not covered by health insurance.


The procedure itself is short and is performed under local anesthesia: Through two small skin incisions on the testicle, the vas deferens are exposed, cut and the ends closed. The seminal fluid remains unchanged, but no longer contains sperm.

Important: Infertility usually occurs after about eight to twelve weeks, as sperm may still be present in the seminal vesicles and prostate before that. Infertility must be confirmed by examination of the seminal fluid.

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