Lymphology consultation

The lymphology consultation is aimed at patients with diseases of the lymphatic system. The functionality of the lymphatic system can be restricted by genetic malformations, injuries, surgical interventions or radiation.

The focus of the lymphology consultation is on diagnosis, treatment and prevention. As a first point of contact, we offer our patients a comprehensive range of services for assessing the situation and planning treatment for their lymphological condition. An essential part of the diagnosis is a detailed medical history. Physical examination, preparation of measurement findings, including optoelectronic volume measurement, supplemented by microlymphography, lead to a description of the lymphological clinical picture.

Advice and information for patients are particularly important to us. Depending on the findings, we provide our patients with physical decongestive therapy in the form of manual lymph drainage, compression bandaging and custom-made compression stockings.

In addition to conservative therapy, we also offer the complete spectrum of surgical lymphatic surgery. Together with the patient, a holistic treatment concept is developed that is geared towards both the clinical picture and the individual needs of those affected.

Interdisciplinary consultation hour

We offer an interdisciplinary consultation for lymphological complaints on Wednesdays by appointment together with Prof. N. Lindenblatt (Plastic Surgery USZ) and Mr. Stefan Kern (lymph therapy specialist).

For patients

As a patient, you cannot register directly for a consultation. Please get a referral from your primary care physician, specialist.

For referrering physicians

Doctors and physiotherapists are welcome to introduce their patients themselves.

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University Hospital Zurich
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Responsible doctor

Alexandru Grigorean, Dr. med.

Attending Physician with extended responsibilites, Department of Angiology

Tel. +41 44 255 33 44
Specialties: Head of the Lymphatic Consultation and Co-Director of the LE & RN Center of Excellence for Lymphatic Diseases, Interventional angiology

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