Inpatient cardiology / wards

With over 3,600 inpatients a year, inpatient cardiology is a very important area of patient care.

On the cardiology wards, they receive individual care from motivated ward doctors and dedicated senior physicians. Coordinating cooperation with all specialist disciplines is a key factor in providing optimal treatment. They also benefit from close interprofessional exchange with our specialist nursing, physiotherapy, nutritional advice and social services.

You can expect the following offer from us:

  • Comprehensive clarification of cardiological clinical pictures and internal comorbidities
  • Individualized and patient-focused treatment and discharge management
  • Close cooperation with surrounding hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

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Ward team

Matthias Hermann, Prof. Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 23 12
Specialties: Clinical cardiology, Hypertension, Prevention

Heiko Schneider, Ph.D.

Attending Physician with extended responsibilites, Department of Cardiology

Tel. +41 43 253 02 91
Specialties: Adults with congenital heart defects (ACHD / GUCH), Catheter-based, invasive diagnosis and treatment of structural heart disease, Cardiac catheterization under stress (ergometry)