Day clinic for eating disorders

The day clinic (TK) enables an intensive examination of one's own eating disorder while taking into account and maintaining the previous integration into everyday life. The service is aimed at patients suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. It should be noted that TK is not suitable for severely underweight people (severe underweight: BMI 16 or less).

TK is intended for patients for whom traditional outpatient therapy is not sufficient, but who do not wish to be hospitalized because they do not want to or cannot leave their social environment. TK also offers an ideal transition to everyday life following inpatient treatment.

The day clinic program includes various elements, some of which overlap with those of inpatient therapy, as well as communal meals. Patients can participate for half or full days and spend the night at home.

Target group

This service is aimed at people with eating disorders for whom outpatient therapy is not sufficient but inpatient therapy is not necessary. TC also serves to improve the transition between inpatient and outpatient treatment and to stabilize and further develop the therapy goals achieved. TK often allows us to shorten the length of inpatient stays.


The TC program takes place five days a week and can be adapted and put together to suit the individual situation:

  • Individual therapy
  • Discussion groups
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Body therapy
  • practical elements such as supervised meals, lunches out, meal planning for the home and cooking

The minimum attendance for the day clinic is two half-days per week.

The connection to everyday life is of central importance during TC. Through intensive individual support, the aim is to gradually implement what has been learned in everyday life and at home. This intensive examination should lead to changes in eating disorder-specific thoughts and behavior.

For patients

You can either register yourself or be referred by your primary care physician, specialist.


For referrering physicians

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Offer for persons residing outside the canton

Patients and referrals from other cantons have the option of obtaining a cost approval from their canton of residence on an individual basis and in consultation with the treatment team.

If you have any questions about cost coverage, please contact the secretariat of the day clinic:

Emilia Hausmann

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