Participatory Research

Our research is participative. We invite stakeholders to actively participate in our research projects to gain scientific results on complementary medicine that are relevant and responsive.

We involve stakeholders to gain relevant scientific results from our research. We usually include representatives from the following stakeholder groups: patients, relatives, medical doctors, nurse specialists, therapists (such as psychotherapists, physical therapists, mind-body health specialists etc.), patient advocate groups, researchers and other people who are directly affected. We regularly work with a stakeholder advisory board during our projects. This means that key stakeholders representing different groups are involved all along the whole research process, from defining the research question, deciding on the proceeding, member checking the analyses to coauthoring the publication of the results.

Incorporating the patients’ values and needs is one of the three pillars of evidence-based medicine to which we want to contribute with our research.

We usually apply mixed methods as research approach. To be inclusive and avoid bias, we choose different digital and onsite formats, such as workshops, interviews, focus groups, surveys, apps, diaries etc.

We want our research results to reach a broad range of stakeholders. That’s why we aim at publishing open access and disseminate our results through different formats and channels, such as animated short videos and social media.

Watch an example of one of our recent participative research projects.

Sharing personal experience with cancer: My Survival Story


Claudia Canella, Master of Arts

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine

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Specialties: Qualitative and Participatory Research