Dialysis center at Zurich Airport

The University Hospital Zurich offers a modern and centrally located dialysis center with 16 treatment places in the USZ Airport outpatient clinic. We are happy to look after you in a pleasant atmosphere at university level.

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a medical procedure that replaces or supports kidney function in patients with renal insufficiency by removing excess fluid and toxins from the blood. Special filters are used that mimic the function of healthy kidneys to cleanse the body of harmful substances and maintain the balance of electrolytes in the blood.

Our dialysis treatment offer

The focus of our activities is the comprehensive care of patients requiring renal replacement. If kidney function is no longer sufficient, we help you choose the right dialysis procedure to suit your needs and ensure that you are as independent as possible. The following services are available at the dialysis center at Zurich Airport:

  • Outpatient hemodialysis treatments
  • Vacation dialysis and guest dialysis
  • Preparation for renal replacement procedures
  • Initial clarification of kidney diseases
  • Consultation hours for chronic kidney disease
  • Pre- and aftercare for kidney transplant patients
  • Consultation hours for high blood pressure
  • Kidney stone consultation

In the new outpatient clinic, we take care of your concerns in close coordination with other specialist departments and offer all consultation hours that are also available at the USZ Campus. Infusion therapies and ultrasound examinations are also possible.

Vacation dialysis and guest dialysis

Vacation and travel despite renal insufficiency

It is perfectly possible for people with chronic kidney disease to travel and enjoy a relaxing vacation. The option of vacation dialysis and guest dialysis offers a chance to explore new places without having to forego high-quality medical care. With vacation dialysis, patients can be treated in specialized dialysis centers at their vacation destination.

However, careful planning is essential, especially for long-haul trips. It is advisable to make appointments for dialysis treatments in good time and to consult with the healthcare team in advance to ensure that the trip is medically acceptable. If necessary, important medical utensils and medication can be arranged in advance.

The location of our dialysis centers, including our facility at Zurich Airport, offers optimal accessibility for travelers. Thanks to its proximity to the airport, patients can easily access high-quality medical care while enjoying their vacation in Switzerland or traveling to other countries.

Dialysis center at USZ Airport – Your advantages

  • Flexible planning of vacation dialysis and guest dialysis
  • Central connection to other medical services(site plan and directions)
  • Attractive location with good transport links
  • Breathtaking view of the airport runway
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Free WiFi
  • Shopping facilities at the airport and in the Circle

Vacation dialysis, guest dialysis and other offers – make an appointment

Arrange appointment

Register directly at the Dialysis Center of the Clinic for Nephrology at USZ Airport for your first appointment.

University Hospital Zurich Airport
The Circle 59
8058 Zurich-Airport

Tel. +41 44 255 33 84

Telephone opening hours

Mon – Fri: 9.00 – 12.00; 13.00 – 16.00


Dialysis in the Canton of Zurich – Dialysis Center USZ Airport

Dialysis Center USZ Airport

University Hospital Zurich Airport
The Circle 59
8058 Zurich-Airport
Tel. +41 44 255 33 84

We are here for you – your contact persons:

Marco Georges Bonani, PD Dr. med.

Senior Attending Physician, Department of Nephrology

Tel. +41 44 255 33 84

Ksenia Zweifel

Ward Nurse Manager

Tel. +41 43 253 10 44

Department of Nephrology

To the department

FAQ on the subject of dialysis centers and vacation dialysis

Vacation dialysis allows dialysis patients to be treated at a different location during their vacation so that they can continue to receive their dialysis treatments while traveling.

Yes, many dialysis patients can go on vacation, but they must arrange dialysis treatments at another center in advance to ensure their care.

Before you go on vacation, you must make appointments for dialysis treatments at another center and ensure that you have all the necessary medical equipment and medication with you.

It is recommended that you contact the dialysis center at your destination at least a few weeks in advance to make your appointments and ensure that all arrangements can be made.