30 years Moulage Museum

At the Long Night of Museums 2023, we present highlights of special highlights.


Moulage Museum
Haldenbachstrasse 14
8091 Zurich

Public transport
VBZ Shuttle M4; Moulage Museum
Streetcar 9/10; Haldenbach




18.00 - 2.00

When the Moulagenmuseum Zurich opened in 1993, medical wax moulages were considered dusty teaching aids from bygone times and medical history curiosities doomed to die in terms of conservation. However, the worldwide development in the handling of these valuable extraordinary patient documents, shaped by the Moulagenmuseum Zurich, has clearly exceeded even optimistic expectations, as confirmed by the presentations and results of the first international meeting of the Wax Moulages Working Group in Zurich this year.

Today, wax moulages are again used with great success in university teaching, they are important sources in medical historical research, highly professional and innovative conservation and restoration guarantees their preservation for many decades to come, and they are presented to the public in a wide variety of contexts in the media and modern museums.

In all these areas, the Zurich Moulage Museum has done pioneering work and is today considered an important international reference institution.

Guided tours always on the hour, 7-24 p.m.
Buffet with snacks and drinks.

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