Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis – An Update


Auditorium Monakow and Zoom
Universitätsspital Zürich
Rämistrasse 100
8091 Zürich




3pm to 6pm


Moderators Emilie Le Rhun, Zurich & Andreas Hottinger, Lausanne
15.00 Uhr Welcome and Introduction
Michael Weller, Zurich
15.05 Uhr Brain metastasis from breast cancer: epidemiology and standards of care
Isabell Witzel, Zurich
15.30 Uhr Neuroimaging of brain metastasis
Roland Wiest, Berne
15.45 Uhr Neurosurgical approach to brain metastasis
Marian Neidert, St. Gallen
16.00 Uhr Molecular pathology and liquid biopsies
Bettina Sobottka, Zurich
16.15 Uhr Role of radiotherapy in the management of brain metastasis from breast cancer
Gianfranco Pesce, Bellinzona
17.00 Uhr Systemic therapy for brain metastasis from breast cancer: novel approaches
Marcus Vetter, Liestal
17.15 Uhr “Chemobrain”, neurocognitive function and quality of life in brain metastases patients
Thomas Hundsberger, St. Gallen
17.30 Uhr EANO ESMO Guidelines for CNS metastasis
Emilie Le Rhun, Zurich
17.45 Uhr Q&A


Meeting-ID: 658 9516 2121
Kenncode: 532042

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