New Campus MITTE1|2

The planned new buildings MITTE1|2 are of central importance for the USZ in order to be able to meet the requirements of modern medicine in the future. Among other things, the buildings will provide space for a new emergency center, over 300 beds, 23 operating theaters and an intervention center for stroke and heart patients.

The new USZ

In addition to the modern infrastructure, the new buildings offer bright and large windows, exclusively single rooms, sophisticated logistics and individual services. These are elements that are important for the health of our patients and for the quality of our employees’ work.

Follow the construction progress of Campus MITTE1|2

Live webcam from the roof of the USZ laboratory building (new image every 10 minutes):

From the roof of the laboratory wing

Live webcam from the roof of Plattenstrasse 10 (new picture every 10 minutes):

From Plattenstrasse 10

Time-lapse film of the construction site (August 2022 to April 2024)

A look around the future campus

The images may only be used with the following copyright notice:

  • Visualization 1-4: © Nightnurse
  • Visualization 5: © a|sh


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