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New Portfolio Start-Up: Celerato

Last updated on May 27, 2024 First published on April 05, 2022

Let's welcome a new start-up to our portfolio: Celerato - Giving structure to medical reporting

Celerato is a MedTech start-up that advances structured reporting in the field of pathology and cytopathology by offering an efficient all-in-one solution for creating structured reports, consisting of comprehensive and intuitive software, as well as a large selection of intelligent forms.

One of the services Celerato provides is giving access to a variety of multilingual digital forms that can be used to create a well-organized report on a specific organ within a minimal amount of time.

Another service they provide is software in which digital forms can be used to generate structured, standardized reports for diagnostic and research purposes.

The USZ Health Innovation Hub is happy to have you on board to advance medical technology to the next level!

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