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New Portfolio Start-Up: CITUS AG

Last updated on May 27, 2024 First published on August 28, 2023

Let's welcome a new Start-Up to our portfolio: CITUS AG – Improving skin monitoring through mechanical characterization

Mechanics play a key role in our everyday life. Soft tissues, such as the skin, constantly touch, feel, and interact with our environment. Characterization of the tissue as a material thereby opens promising chances to improving life.
CITUS AG developed NIMBLE, a novel mechanical device that enables objective assessment of material properties of human skin. The NIMBLE is based on an aspiration technique, which is a reliable, easy-to-understand and non-invasive technique that allows to characterize the mechanical properties of soft materials and tissues. With the NIMBLE they designed a user-friendly and reliable product. It offers the chance to merge knowledge of mechanics and medicine to further advance in healthcare, patient-specific treatment and cosmetics.

The USZ Health Innovation Hub is happy to have CITUS AG onboard and help to advance innovative skin monitoring.
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