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New Portfolio Start-Up: FimmCyte

Published on April 11, 2022

FimmCyte will accelerate the path towards an endometriosis cure with the right understanding and technological edge that can lead towards a successful future.

To support the progress of curing women’s health, FimmCyte has developed novel endometriosis treatments that use the women’s immune system to selectively destroy the diseased endometriotic tissue with precision. These treatments will provide adjunct and alternative paths to the gold standard of surgical approaches for endometriosis. Furthermore, they will have significant social and economic benefits for the affected women.

We not only welcome the start-up to our portfolio but also congratulate FimmCyte on some major prizes they already won:

  1. The Innobooster program organized by the Gebert Rüf Stiftung selected FimmCyte AG for securing 150k financial support. The Innobooster program supports entrepreneurs with innovative, science-based deep tech projects in the Venture Kick process and promises high market potential.
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  1. FimmCyte also won Venture Kick’s second financial and entrepreneurial support stage. The fund from the Venture Kick phase will be used for R&D, IP expansion, and regulatory strategy.
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We are looking forward to supporting FimmCyte innovations and improving patients’ lives. Together.

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