Portrait Jürgen Holm, Prof. Dr. sc. nat. ETH

Jürgen Holm, Prof. Dr. sc. nat. ETH

Member of the Hospital Supervisory Board

Other functions at USZ

  • Chairman Strategy Committee

Professional career

  • Neurobiologist ETH Zurich, Dr. sc. Nat. ETH
  • Professor of Medical Informatics at BFH since 2011
  • Since 2017 Head of Department of Medical Informatics, BFH
  • Founder of several start-up companies in the field of informatics in medical research and treatment processes
  • Managing Director Holm Media GmbH

Other significant mandates

  • Member of the Board of Directors
    • Berner Bildungszentrum Pflege AG
    • Cooperative retirement center Brüggli in Dulliken / SO
  • Member
    • Societies for Medical Informatics Switzerland and Germany
  • Public office
    • Municipal councillor in the municipality of Starrkirch-Wil / SO (since 2012)