Apartments instead of offices

Published on August 16, 2023

The USZ is releasing two properties in the neighborhood that were previously used as offices. In addition, the hospital is converting various staff rooms outside the USZ campus into studios and apartments for USZ employees.

As of the end of March, the University Hospital Zurich vacated two properties at Voltastrase 59 and parts of a building at Zürichbergstrasse 44. Until now, the hospital has been used as office space. By terminating the leases early, the private owners can dispose of the space.

Agreement with the City of Zurich

This process is part of an agreement that the USZ has reached with the city of Zurich. The idea: The USZ should be able to develop further on the USZ campus. In return, the hospital is to release offices located in properties outside the USZ campus. Under the agreement, the USZ will vacate the two aforementioned buildings by 2030 at the latest. The fact that the USZ is already able to terminate these leases was made possible in part because the hospital moved into an administration building with more than 500 workstations in Stettbach at the beginning of 2020.

Modernized staff apartments

In addition, the USZ is refurbishing a total of six properties by 2024 that are located outside the USZ campus on Bolleystrasse and Haldenbachstrasse in the residential zone and are in poor structural condition. Today, the USZ uses these buildings, which belong to the Canton of Zurich, for staff rooms under building lease. However, this form of housing is proving to be outdated. Demand has fallen sharply, especially since the kitchen and shower rooms have to be shared by several parties. Now the USZ is converting the staff rooms into studios or apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom. Thus, a total of 56 residential units of various sizes are expected to be built – from 1.5- to 5.5-room apartments. The spatial structures are basically left in their current state. Only on Fliederstrasse is a new replacement building with around 20 apartments planned.

The apartments are rented to employees at market-oriented prices. In order to revitalize the quarter, the USZ also rents space on the first floors to businesses. A daycare center for USZ employees is being built at Haldenbachstrasse 22.

At Bolleystrasse 13, the USZ has converted staff rooms into 4.5-room apartments (visualization).

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