Institute of Anesthesiology

Our team will take care of you during the whole phase of your surgery. This begins with preparation, usually in the anesthesia consultation, continues with the actual anesthesia, and ends only with the completion of postoperative care. The early detection and treatment of iron deficiency and anemia (also known as anemia) within the framework of patient blood management is also of great importance. Even before your surgery, we take care of you to initiate the optimal treatment.

Anesthesia consultation

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Institute of Anesthesiology

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Our services

Our services also include resuscitation and emergency medical services and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Another important area of our spectrum is high-level clinical and experimental research as well as sound education and training, which directly benefits the improvement of the quality of our services. Our innovative continuing education team was voted one of the best in Switzerland by residents in 2020 and received the SIWF Award.

We strive to constantly improve our connections with our patients and our partners outside the USZ. Please contact us to learn more or give us suggestions.

Patient Blood Management at the USZ

How we make your anesthesia even safer by treating anemia and iron deficiency, as well as through targeted coagulation management and blood-saving procedures during surgery.

Beutel für eine Bluttransfusion

My first operation at the USZ

See the typical procedure of anesthesia with us at the Institute of Anesthesiology.

How we train for emergencies at the USZ

A report on the interdisciplinary training in the shock room, in which specialists from traumatology, anesthesiology, Zurich Protection and Rescue, as well as OR and anesthesia care practice together for the daily life-and-death mission.