Chemotherapy for breast cancer (Breast Center of the Clinic for Gynecology)

Chemotherapy is very effective. Special drugs attack the rapidly growing cancer cells. In this way, their growth and further multiplication in the body can be contained or stopped.

Until recently, many patients with breast cancer were advised to undergo chemotherapy. Today we know that not every woman benefits from such therapy.

The tumor biology is important for the decision-making process. To do this, we examine the tumor for several prognostic factors:

  • the hormone sensitivity of the tumor cells (ER/PR)
  • the presence of the growth factor receptor Her2
  • Determination of the division rate of tumor cells (Ki67)
  • assessment of the lymph node status

In addition, gene expression tests on tumor tissue allow a better assessment of which patients will actually benefit from chemotherapy.

We decide which therapy is ideal for you in the interdisciplinary tumor board. The various specialists from the specialist disciplines involved meet on this board.

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