Plastic surgery for breast cancer

If the entire breast has to be removed, reconstruction is possible during the operation or later in a second operation.

If breast removal is likely, a breast surgeon from our team and a plastic surgeon will discuss the various reconstruction options with the patient. The patient’s wishes and ideas help determine the further procedure.Three surgeons and one female surgeon perform a breast operation

Breast reconstruction

Our specialists use either silicone prostheses or autologous tissue for breast reconstruction, usually from

  • the abdomen (DIEP, TRAM flap)
  • the thigh (TMG, PAP flap)
  • the buttocks (S-GAP, I-GAP flap)
  • the back (latissimus dorsi flap plasty).

Reconstruction from the body’s own tissue is carried out by our colleagues in plastic surgery.

Breast reduction (reductionplasty)

In the case of asymmetries (differences in size) after breast cancer surgery, a breast reduction on the opposite side can be useful. Our breast surgeons can perform the procedure.

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