Biomarker research at the IKC aims at finding and validating new biomarkers, as well as introducing new technologies and methods relevant to laboratory medicine at an early stage.

Lipidomics and metabolomics

As part of research projects of the IKC on ‘HDL’ and ‘sphingolipids’, mass spectrometric methods have been developed to measure lipids. These and other metabolites (e.g. trimethylamine N-oxide TMAO) are evaluated in clinical studies with respect to associations with diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Drug monitoring and toxicology

The IKC continues its tradition of developing mass spectrometry methods for the measurement of drug levels and detection of poisoning.

Protein markers and proteomics

Researchers at the IKC are looking for new biomarker candidates for the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques or acute aortic dissection. The discovered candidate proteins are validated in plasma samples with respect to their diagnostic and prognostic significance. In parallel to this hypothesis-free, systems biology-based approach, also hypotheses-driven candidate proteins are evaluated in biobank samples of local, national and international studies for their diagnostic and prognostic significance, in particular for cardiovascular, respiratory and renal disorders.

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