CCCZ: Facts & Figures

The Comprehensive Cancer Center Zurich (CCCZ) is a strategic alliance of the University of Zurich (UZH) and University Hospital Zurich (USZ), including the Balgrist University Hospital and the University Children's Hospital Zurich. CCCZ strives for excellence in cancer research and cancer medicine, tight collaborations between scientists and physicians, and professional education in oncology.

CCCZ: Core Values

  • We provide interdisciplinary cancer care according to the highest medical standards and integrating the latest research results.
  • We develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Our research focus is precision medicine aiming to make precise diagnoses and provide personalized treatments.
  • We inform patients, relatives, and the general public objectively and transparently about current treatment options and research developments.
  • We train and support the next generation of talented scientists, physicians, and professionals in oncology.

CCCZ: Excellent patient care

  • >2000 newly diagnosed patients per year
  • 17 specialized organ centers provide comprehensive treatments and services for all cancer types
  • >20 weekly, interdisciplinary tumor boards
  • >15 supportive counseling and treatment services
  • 1 online second opinion service
  • >100 clinical trials provide access to new and innovative treatments

CCCZ: Innovative cancer research

  • 1 Joint strategy for precision oncology for customized therapies with fewer side effects
  • >60 research groups are working together to better understand the biology of cancer and improve cancer treatment
  • >20 translational cancer research programs transfer new scientific findings into clinical application
  • >400 scientific publications annually on the subject of cancer with the participation of the CCCZ

CCCZ: Education and Outreach

  • >60 CCCZ events and symposia per year
  • 1 CCCZ Fellow Program promotes the training of talented, early-career scientists and clinician scientists
  • >112 PhD candidates and >11 master students in the PhD and master program Cancer Biology of UZH
  • 1 structured CCCZ curriculum for multidisciplinary training of residents and assistant physicians
  • 1 CCCZ Outreach Program informs patients and the general public about current developments in oncology