Research Group Kuno Lehmann


Surgical oncology, peritoneal metastasis, prognostic factors, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, pressurized intraabdominal aerosol chemotherapy

Summary & Mission statement

We are interested in a better understanding and the development of novel concepts for the treatment of metastatic disease, particularly peritoneal metastasis.


Our main research goal is to improve the outcomes and treatment options for patients with metastatic cancer. In a collaboration with other European centres, we analysed prognostic factors and created a novel prognostic score (BIOSCOPE) for patients with colorectal peritoneal metastasis treated with HIPEC (hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy). Current clinical projects focus on clinical differences of peritoneal versus hematogenous metastasis, a better understanding of the pathophysiology of surgical techniques (HIPEC), and the introduction and characterisation of a novel concept of repetitive intracavitary treatment (PIPAC). In our experimental projects, we explore mechanisms and develop novel strategies for the treatment of peritoneal metastasis with the help of in vitro and in vivo models for peritoneal metastasis and local intracavitary treatment.