Oral mucosal diseases treatment

Changes in the oral mucosa can be very diverse. They range from color to structural to tumor-like manifestations of various causes. Lesions with an unclear diagnosis that persist for longer than 2 weeks should be clarified immediately.

Although most changes to the oral mucosa are benign, many can cause considerable discomfort and have a negative impact on quality of life. Every consultation begins with a thorough medical history. Suspicious changes in the mucous membrane are photodocumented to enable an assessment of the progress. In many cases, a largely painless test biopsy under local anesthesia is indicated to confirm the diagnosis. Targeted therapy can then be initiated on the basis of the histopathological findings. As some oral mucosal diseases also manifest themselves in skin areas of other parts of the body, an interdisciplinary clarification with the dermatology clinic may be indicated.

Depending on the findings, a recall, i.e. a regular follow-up check, is often indicated. If it is a malignant change, the patient is immediately referred to the Consultation hours for head and neck tumors and reconstructive surgery of the Clinic for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the immediate initiation of the necessary therapy, as early detection in particular has high prognostic relevance and a significant influence on the further course of a tumor disease.

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