Acne diagnosis and therapy

Today, almost every acne can be treated excellently and with good cosmetic success.

In the acne consultation, we try to clarify the cause, i.e. when the condition started, what medication you have taken so far, and with what success. We also examine your skin in detail to determine how severe your acne is.


  • Precise questioning about the suffering:
    • The treatments used so far
    • Taking medication for acne treatment and in general
  • Clinical examination


  • External treatment with creams, gels, lotions
  • Any additional medication that is being taken


Treatment of acne scars with e.g. CO2 laser in the procedure room.

You can also order a printed version of the acne patient brochure.

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Responsible doctor

Thomas Kündig, Prof. Dr. med.

Director of Department, Department of Dermatology

Tel. +41 44 255 34 71
Specialties: Immunodermatology / autoimmune skin diseases, Inflammatory skin diseases / psoriasis and eczema, General dermatology and allergology


Send a photo of the affected skin area and fill out the short questionnaire. Within 24 hours on weekdays, you will receive a reliable diagnosis from our experts. Your data will be transmitted to us encrypted and treated confidentially.

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