Hair growth disorders therapy

Hair growth disorders include excessive hair growth in unwanted areas (e.g. women's beards) or abnormal hair loss, which ultimately leads to baldness, as well as changes in hair quality. The causes of these disorders are complex; they are usually hereditary or due to hormonal interactions.

Symptoms and affected body parts

The symptoms depend on the disorder – too much or too little hair growth and can affect the whole body.


In our hair consultation, we carefully clarify the causes of the hair growth disorder by looking at the hair shaft and, if necessary, taking small scalp samples to carry out special histological examinations.


Once the diagnosis has been established, various treatments – with an antimicrobial or anti-inflammatory component depending on the case – are possible in the form of medicinal shampoos, hair growth products, in rare cases medication, hair removal with the epilation laser device. We also advise you on hair care and medical hair cosmetics.

In special cases – if the hair growth disorder is hormonal – we work with the gynecology clinic to determine the most suitable treatment for you.

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