Center for Radiopharmacy (CRP)

The CRP is since 1993 the Swiss leading manufacturer of radioactive pharmaceuticals which are used in the nuclear medicine diagnostic by positron emission tomography (PET). These so-called PET-Tracers are molecules containing a very short lived radionuclide which decays by emission of positrons. Immediately after their manufacturing, they are intravenously administered to the patient and they rapidly distribute through the body. Because the radionuclides contained in PET-Tracers decay very fast, in most cases there will be no radioactivity left in the body after a few hours of their administration.

The CRP covers not only the demands of PET-Tracers of the University Hospital of Zurich, but also those of most hospitals in Switzerland and it regularly supplies tracers to neighbouring hospitals in Germany and Austria. The safety of the patient takes highest priority at the CRP. An extensive quality assurance system and compliance with all regulatory requirements ensures high quality products manufactured by means of robust processes. The CRP is a GMP-certified enterprise; the compliance with current GMP-guidelines is regularly supervised by the competent Swiss authorities.

About the CRP

Since 1993 and as a pioneer manufacturer of PET-tracers in Switzerland, the CRP has experienced a steady development. The group successful history is owed to the efforts of its employees and partners. The CRP is formed by experienced and committed radiopharmacists, radiochemists and technicians. They determine with their dedication the shape of our future and will further contribute to the development of the field.

Our Infrastructure

The two GMP-certified manufacturing sites of the CRP, located in Zurich and Schlieren, ensure that the steadily increasing demand on PET-tracers for clinical diagnostic can be covered. The manufacturing capacity of the CRP was significantly increased in 2014 with the commissioning of the new facility in Schlieren. Furthermore, the state of the art facility in Schlieren has been conceived to be able to accommodate future increases of our production capacity as well as extensions of our product range.

Currently two cyclotrons as well as Ge-68/Ga-68 generators are available at the CRP for the generation of radionuclides. “Ready to use” radiopharmaceuticals are produced on daily basis by fully automated processes which take place under cleanroom conditions inside shielded lead cells (so-called hot-cells). The quality of the finished product is controlled immediately after each manufacturing by means of specific analytic methods and equipment.

Our products

We offer a wide range of PET-Tracers, which ensure the feasibility within Switzerland of virtually all current PET-examinations. Through the steady development of our processes we are able to provide high quality products which fulfil the most actual regulatory requirements.

Licensed products

  • 18F-Fluoroglucose ZRP: Imaging of regional glucose consumption in cardiology, neurology and oncology
  • 18F-Fluorocholine ZRP: imaging of prostate or parathyroid cancer
  • 18F-Fluoethyltyrosine ZRP: Imaging of amino acid metabolism in the diagnosis of brain tumors
  • 18F-Sodium fluoride ZRP: Imaging of bone to detect abnormally altered bone formation activity
  • 18F-Vizamyl: Imaging of the density of neuritic β-amyloid plaques in the brain of adult patients with cognitive impairment who are being evaluated for Alzheimer’s disease

Non licensed

  • 13N-ammonia: Imaging of myocardial perfusion
  • 15O-Water: Imaging of regional brain perfusion
  • 68Ga-DOTATATE ZRP: Imaging of neuroendocrine tumors with somatostatin receptors
  • 68Ga-PSMA 11: Imaging of prostate cancer
  •  18F-PSMA 1007 ZRP: Imaging of prostate cancer

Additional products

The CRP is under continuous development. New tracers are being regularly implemented in order to make them available for clinical diagnosis. In the development of new, innovative products we work in close collaboration with the radiopharmacy of the ETH Zurich and of the Paul-Scherrer Institute.


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