Research at the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) is an internationally renowned center for molecular and hybrid imaging. We have a well-developed infrastructure at both of our locations. One is in the center of Zurich at the USZ and the other at the Schlieren campus of the University of Zurich in the Wagi area.

Our research focuses on the following areas:

Traditionally, our focus has been on hybrid imaging. This procedure combines two or more technologies to visualize the body or individual organs. This allows us, for example, to show both the anatomy and the function of an organ or tumor at the same time. This enables us to investigate and research the structure and function of our bodies and clinical pictures more comprehensively and in greater depth.

For the multifaceted molecular imaging that we use in clinical practice and research, we produce the radiopharmaceutical substances in our in-house radiopharmacy or in collaboration with the ETH and the Paul Scherrer Institute.

Our infrastructure for medical imaging in humans

Our infrastructure for medical imaging in humans

  • 2 digital 5 ring time-of-flight PET/CTs (center)
  • 1 digital 32cm ring PET/CT (center)
  • 1 320-line CT (center)
  • 1 SPECT/CT and 1 SPECT (center)
  • 1 digital 6-ring time-of-flight PET/CT (Schlieren)
  • 1 Time-of-flight PET/MRI (Schlieren)
  • 1 3 Tesla Premier MRI device (Schlieren)

Our production of radiopharmaceutical substances for clinical use in humans

  • 18F-FDG
  • 18F-choline
  • 18F fluoride
  • 18F-Flutemetamol(Vizamyl)
  • 18F-FET
  • 18F-PSMA
  • 68Ga-dotatates
  • 68Ga-PSMA
  • 13N-NH3
  • 15O-H2O

Further research tracers are available on request or via the ETH production site.