Theragnostics at the Department of Nuclear Medicine

Theragnostics is a concept which strongly links diagnostics and therapy. Its medical applications are still relatively new in therapeutic medicine except for radiocative iodine diagnosis and therapy in benign and malignant thyroid disease, which is the paradigmatic application of theragnostics.

Nuclear Medicine at USZ was able to introduce serveral therapies recently which work according to the theragnostic principle (Y-90-SIRT) therapy paired with Tc-99m-MAA diagnostics, Ga-68 DOTATATE diagnostics paired with Lu-177-DOTATATE therapy, Zevalin therapy with radioactive antibodies against some forms of lymphoma). We currently are looking into new ways to develop improved imaging diagnoses and focused therapies with new radiopharmaceutical substances.

Since decades USZ Nuclear Medicine has a close collaboration with Paul Scherrer Institute and the center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich. This amplifies our abilities to look at new treatment options in this field.

Nuclear Medicine at USZ is also founding member of two centers of competence at USZ, a center for thyroid disease and a center for neuroendocrine tumors and is involved in both centers in the further development and optimization of the current clinical services offered and the evaluation and implementation of new procedures in theragnostics.


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