Pelvic breech birth

The breech birth is a special birth situation in which the baby lies in the abdomen with the buttocks down. We have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure a safe and successful natural birth, even in breech position.

When a baby is in breech presentation, it means that the head is directly below the mother’s ribcage. The legs of the unborn baby can either be turned upwards towards the abdomen, it can lie with one or both feet in front or sit with the feet next to the breech. Unlike the common cranial position, the breech presentation can make the birth process more challenging.


Nevertheless, a vaginal birth in breech presentation is possible with us if the conditions are right:

  • You and the baby are fine
  • The size and weight of the baby and your pelvic mass are suitable for a breech presentation spontaneous delivery
  • You are informed about the whole birth process in breech presentation

We take the time to provide you with detailed advice and perform all the necessary examinations to make the best possible decisions for you and your baby.


Before the breech layer birth

The prerequisite for a natural breech birth is a thorough consultation with our cadre physicians, combined with various ultrasound examinations of the child. This is used to determine the exact position of the baby in order to evaluate possible risk In some cases, an external turn may be attempted to turn the baby to the head position. It is important that expectant parents address their questions and concerns in advance and understand all aspects of the birth process. Close monitoring of the pregnancy, including regular ultrasound examinations, can help identify potential complications early.

During birth in breech presentation

During the birth itself, the baby’s heart sounds are closely monitored to make sure he or she is getting enough oxygen. You will usually be asked to give birth in a supine position with epidural anesthesia (PDA). The medical team (obstetrician, midwife, anesthesia and neonatology) is ready to take immediate action if needed. A vaginal birth in breech presentation may take slightly longer than a head-down birth and may require additional support with maneuvers or birth instruments such as forceps.


Follow-up care after a breech delivery is similar to that for a spontaneous delivery from the cranial position. You will be examined for possible injuries or complications and given instructions on wound care and pain relief.

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