Ganglion treatment

If the affected person is not in pain, we recommend that they wait and see. This is because many ganglia regress on their own after some time. Treatment is rarely necessary, especially in children. However, if pain occurs, we recommend treatment.


First of all, you should protect the joint. Bandages help with this. If there is significant discomfort, we try to reduce the swelling. During a puncture, we insert a hollow needle into the cyst and remove fluid through the needle. At the same time, we can also inject cortisone into the ganglion to relieve pain and inhibit excessive fluid production. In many cases, the ganglion subsequently heals. However, there is no guarantee that it will not form again.

Sometimes surgery is also necessary: we then anesthetize the area locally or regionally and remove the cyst together with its envelope through a skin incision. We try to seal the area where the liquid has escaped. In most cases, surgery is the definitive remedy for the ganglion. In rare cases, however, a recurrent ganglion can also occur after an operation. The operation is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

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