Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

With intrauterine insemination, as many motile sperm as possible that are capable of fertilization are transferred into the uterus shortly before ovulation after sperm preparation.

In most cases, egg maturation is supported with a mild hormone treatment before IUI. Only one egg cell – in consultation with you, a maximum of two egg cells – should mature. This reduces the risk of multiple births and avoids triplets and even higher grade multiples. The prerequisites for an IUI are open fallopian tubes on the one hand and sufficient sperm quality on the other. We therefore check very carefully whether these requirements are met before an IUI.

Prospects of success

At the best age for fertility (around 25 years), a couple has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant in a specific cycle without any restrictions. For couples with impaired fertility, this chance is between around eight and 14%. Approximately 2 weeks after intrauterine insemination, you carry out a pregnancy test at home. If the test is positive, a first ultrasound check is carried out approx. 10 days later.

Organization and costs

Understandably, you want to know in advance what costs you will incur.

The costs of the assessment are covered by the health insurance companies.

Pure hormone treatments with the aim of producing one or two mature eggs in preparation for intrauterine insemination or before timed intercourse are covered by your health insurance for up to a maximum of one year, depending on the product chosen.

In the case of intrauterine insemination , health insurance companies cover three cycles over the course of a year – but usually only until the woman reaches the age of 40.

In general, we recommend that you consult your health insurance company before planning any treatment.

For patients

As soon as a treatment cycle has been agreed with you, we ask you to contact us by telephone or e-mail on the 1st or 2nd, but no later than the 3rd day of your period. We will be happy to clarify any open questions.

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