Back Pain Treatment

The complexity of the causes of back pain and the considerable interaction of body and psyche play a major role in its treatment. Drug therapy or even surgical therapy can, under certain circumstances, eliminate the cause of the pain, and yet affected individuals continue to suffer, as if from an old habit of pain. Therefore, it is important that the patient actively participates in the elimination of back pain.

Back pain - what patients can do for themselves

Preventive measures also count as therapy. With exercise, you ensure that the affected region is sufficiently supplied with blood. Activity is, despite initial overcoming, the first step to recovery. In some cases, the complaints are based on an acute inflammation. If so, application of cold may be advisable. If in doubt, just try it out. You can treat yourself with various measures:

  • Heat: Take warm baths – no longer than 15 minutes, the water should be at body temperature, do light stretching exercises in the bath. Other heat treatments:
    • Sauna (not recommended for patients with heart disease or hyperthyroidism).
    • heat pack (for example. fango, mud, paraffin)
    • electric heat (heat pad, heat radiator, infrared heat lamp)
    • warm affusion. Treating the main points for about 10 to 15 minutes with a hard water jet
    • poultice, plasters and ointments as a constant source of heat (consider possible side effects)
  • Physiotherapy: a professionally guided combination of different exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles relieves the spine and reduces tension. You should do the exercises daily – even after the symptoms have subsided.
  • Massage: this method only provides short term alleviation for chronic complaints. For long term alleviation, it is important to actively build up the sustaining and supporting muscles.
  • Avoid unnecessary strain by sitting, standing, carrying and lifting properly. Reduce smartphone time, avoid permanent postures (in front of the PC).
  • Make sure you get enough exercise, such as climbing stairs.
  • Sports
  • Relaxation

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