Therapy offer for chronic pain

Chronic musculoskeletal pain, especially chronic back pain, is one of the most common conditions. For this purpose, we offer intensive inpatient therapy that is adapted to the patient's circumstances and comprehensively assesses the complaints, taking into account the patient's physical, mental and social condition. The treatment aims at learning how to better deal with the chronic complaints in the long term and to find the optimal individual therapy together with the patients.

Duration of stay

The multimodal inpatient treatments are usually carried out during 15 (maximum 21) days. This may be followed by a transfer to a musculoskeletal or psychosomatic rehabilitation clinic to further consolidate what has been achieved.


If possible, the basic diagnosis should be established prior to entry. In case of outstanding ambiguities, additional individual analyses are completed in the laboratory or by means of apparatus after entry. Thereafter, patients undergo at least 22 therapy sessions weekly. These include physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical training therapy, and group therapy to learn relaxation techniques and improve coping strategies in everyday life and increase self-efficacy. In addition, physical treatments such as fango or TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) are offered. Painkillers or targeted analgesic injections are used as needed if symptoms are present.

Part of multimodal pain management also includes a psychological assessment and appropriate therapy sessions at least weekly. If a psychological assessment is not indicated for diagnostic reasons, multimodal rheumatological complex treatment can be used as an alternative, which is identical in basic structure to multimodal pain therapy. In this context, pure physical therapy comprises at least 22 weekly sessions.


Pain management focuses on chronic pain syndromes, anxiety triggered by them, as well as medication misuse. This form of therapy is a compulsory benefit of the
Health insurance according to CHOP catalog, if certain requirements are met:

  • Unsuccessful exhaustion of outpatient therapy options
  • No less expensive outpatient therapy alternative available
  • Basic knowledge of the German language
  • No ongoing pension proceedings

For multimodal pain management, at least three of the following five inclusion criteria must be present:

  • Existing or impending impairment of quality of life and/or ability to work.
  • Failure of prior pain management, pain-related surgery, or withdrawal treatment
  • Existing medication dependence or existing medication misuse.
  • Pain-related concomitant mental illness
  • Serious somatic concomitant disease

Depending on the health insurance company, prior approval of the costs by a medical examiner is mandatory.

Another prerequisite and the basis for success is a high degree of willingness to change one’s own situation and to embrace new ideas.


Registration for therapy is by letter of referral. Comprehensive assignment documentation with images simplifies the process. After receipt of the application, the necessity of a cost credit will be checked. If necessary, we will submit the request for cost approval directly if the referral documentation is complete. After therapy, we inform referring specialists in detail about the hospitalization.

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