Whole-body motion analysis – 4D trauma motion lab

An innovative development for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

How does the 4D analysis function?

The patient stands in front of a recording device, consisting of a video camera and a projector. Parallel measurement lines are projected onto the patients back, and the video camera records the three-dimensional patterns. Software evaluates the measured data and determines the posture of the entire back, spine and the position of the pelvis.

Precise postural or deformity corrections can be simulated by a heightadjustable platform (e.g. leg length differences, spinal column deformities, etc.). During follow-up evaluations, changes from previous analyses are measured and displayed on the computer.

It is now possible, after extensive scientific studies, to measure the threedimensional shape and position of the spine through an optical measuring system without any exposure to radiation. The results can help guide treatment plans and usually lead to better recovery.

Through the integrated treadmill with dynamic foot pressure sensors and video analysis, a gait analysis is possible during the same motion analysis procedure.

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